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Increasing the Market Value of a Property: What You Must Do

There might come a time that you’ll need to sell one of your properties. One of them is your house. You may have plenty of reasons for doing so, such as its size or financial matters. Whatever that may be, you’ll need to do something to attract buyers. You have to give them concrete grounds

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Social Support in the Time of COVID

Relationships may look a little different now after a year with the pandemic. Whatever shape its left relationships in, the pandemic surely tested many relationships in terms of fortitude and resiliency. It might even look all the more complicated for those in their senior years or palliative care. In an age when making friends can be difficult,

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Why Doing Good Does You Good

Every April, we celebrate International Good Deeds Day. It is that time of year when people from 108 countries gather to do good deeds for others. Why, pray say, should you join this movement? Not only because you want to help—which is your reason, we hope—but also because it does your brain good. Science will

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The Discrimination of Conservatives Is Escalating

Conservative voices are being purged from social media sites, video streaming sites, and other online platforms. Even left-leaning individuals are not safe as long as they share some conservative principles. Big tech companies have no oversight and are free to push their progressive agendas while silencing opposing ideas. First, They Came for Alex Jones Alex

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Lived in a Run-Down High Rise

I Lived in a Run-Down High Rise for Two Years. Here’s What I Learned

Broken elevators, sleeping guards, and questionable stores along the ground floor: these are things you’d expect to see in run-down high rises in the city. While you’re not wrong, there’s actually more too it than just that. During my later college years, I had to stay in such a place. Its exterior painting was worn

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