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How Remote Work Is Changing the Housing Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic paved the way for the further growth of remote work arrangements in the country. Freelance work platform Upwork recently released its Future Workforce Pulse Report, in which it details that an expected number of 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely by 2025. The increasing acceptance of this setup allows workers to pursue

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Best Investments to Make as a Senior

All investors need to continually look for the best investment options that generate the highest returns, but senior citizens face unique requirements for their investments. Those who stop earning after becoming 60 years old look for stable income for their investments to meet their living costs, making capital protection crucial than appreciation. Seniors can still benefit from

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Best Cities to Settle Down in the Philippines

Ranking second-worst in TomTom’s “The Traffic Index 2019”, Metro Manila’s heavy traffic seems to get worse every year. As the houses and offices in the big city increase, more people flock to it, adding to the massive volume of cars and commuters already congesting its roads. As such, Metro Manila’s residents and employees can’t help

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New Home, New Normal: Moving Somewhere Safely in the Pandemic

The pandemic’s disruption of daily processes is obvious when viewed from any perspective. Some are having trouble adjusting to the new normal, but everyone has to learn to live with COVID-19’s aftereffects on culture and society soon. That’s even when a vaccine is in the works. Home shopping is bound to take a different look considering

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What Should Buyers Look for When Making a Real Estate Purchase Mid-pandemic?

Experts are labeling the Covid-19 pandemic as the worst economic recession since the Great Depression. Most economies are experiencing hardships while many industries are struggling to survive. But even the pandemic can’t stop the real estate market from booming. Many people are taking advantage of the pandemic by making home purchases. We even have a

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Neighborhood Regret: What Is It and How Can You Avoid It?

At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard of “buyer’s remorse.” Scientifically speaking, it’s a form of cognitive dissonance or a short period of mental discomfort because of your conflicting feelings about a purchase. In simpler terms, buyer’s remorse is when you start to question whether that $100 portable food processor is worth it when

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The Biggest Trends in Waste Management in Australia

Australian’s waste management has plenty of room for improvement. On average, a person produces about 2,000 kilograms of trash every year. From 2014 to 2015, the country created a whopping 64 million tonnes of garbage. As the population grows, there’s a considerable possibility that these numbers will go up. Fortunately, the country and its businesses

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How to Avoid Overloading a Skip

Getting a skip for hire in Sittingbourne makes waste management a breeze. Not only will you get a durable container to haul your rubbish; you will also enjoy the collection services of a skip company. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about much of the segregation and recycling. All you really need to do

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How Advance Funeral Planning Will Benefit You and Your Family

Imagine getting your family and friends together—sharing meals and drinks, having a good time—and then you drop the bomb about passing away. Now, wouldn’t that be a bummer? How would their faces look like at the thought of introducing such a morbid topic? But looking past that, death is something we actually should plan for

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