January 2021

New Home, New Normal: Moving Somewhere Safely in the Pandemic

The pandemic’s disruption of daily processes is obvious when viewed from any perspective. Some are having trouble adjusting to the new normal, but everyone has to learn to live with COVID-19’s aftereffects on culture and society soon. That’s even when a vaccine is in the works. Home shopping is bound to take a different look considering

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house keychain

Do You Know Your Rights as a Real Estate Buyer?

Some people are afraid to make a real estate purchase not because they lack the funds to buy one. For most buyers, their fear stems from not knowing what to expect, how to go about buying a property, and the fact that they are investing a huge sum of money towards long-term investment. The more

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a city from a far

The Future of Energy-Efficient Communities: Qualities We Need to See

There are many communities in states like Utah that are the hottest property markets in the nation. Careful planning and modern energy-efficient homes have shot up demands for existing properties as well as for vacant land still in development for future villages. Principled Planning These communities adhere to the Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) model or

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