The Morning Commute: May 11, 2015


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Good morning everyone! Check out these fantastic links full of urban news:

1. The Roosevelt Boulevard is one of Philadelphia's most hated roads and for years, it's been put under scrutiny for changes and remodeling toward people and transit. What are the options and will they ever actually happen?

2. This guy thinks that the City should not tax Airbnb until after the Pope's visit. 

3. Angry about the PA labor board's decision to reverse its ruling against two unions who were working there, the Convention Center is now suing the Carpenters Union for racketeering. 

4. A crazy intersection on East Passyunk Avenue will be getting some pedestrian-oriented changes to make it a safer, more enjoyable area for all modes of transportation. 

5. Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown wants to see Philadelphia employ Disneyland's methods for controlling litter. It could help but we really think this city needs cleaning, specifically cleaning funded by a plastic bag tax. 

6. Construction just started on a new hotel in University City. 

7. Here's an option worth considering in Philadelphia's parking wars: require new buildings to provide transit passes for their tenants instead of parking spots. A cost-benefit analysis on that would be great. 

8. An update on Philly's increasing bikability. 

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